Our first outlet opens
on November 27th at Pondok Indah Mall 1
Founded in Japan in 1984

Sushiro is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant founded by a sushi chef in Japan in 1984.

Under the slogan of "Tasty sushi for All", Sushiro provides valuable products with a strong belief that people around the world should be able to enjoy delicious sushi.

No.1 sales in Japan

Since 2011, Sushiro has continue to be "No. 1 Sales in Japan" in the conveyor-belt sushi category, with more than 1,000 restaurants worldwide. Approximately 160 million customers visits its restaurants each year, Sushiro is loved by many customers around the world.

Assessment Abilities of A Sushi Restaurant

Sushiro travels around the world in search of delicious fish.

We never compromise in order to provide delicious sushi to everyone.

We have strong beliefs because we are a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant founded by a sushi chef.

Techniques of A Sushi Restaurant

Our job is to provide our customers with the fish we purchase in a more delicious state.

The traditional techniques of sushi restaurants are also used in preparation (cooking).

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is the life of sushi. Sushi rice is another key ingredient of sushi

Sushiro's sushi rice is carefully prepared every day using carefully selected rice and secret sushi vinegar.

The amount of water, the timing of vinegar mixing, the time for resting the rice, the temperature, and other details are all determined by detailed rules. The person in charge will always tastes and controls the quality of them.

Quality Management/ Hygiene Management

The freshness of the sushi on the lanes is controlled by a computer. Sushi that have passed a certain distance are automatically disposed of, we ensure that our customers will always receive the freshest sushi possible.

We also have strict rules regarding hygiene management such as hand washing for staff and disinfection of equipment.